Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

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Unsure of what nail size to order? Order this nail sizing kit to take the guess work out of ordering your nail set! Sizing kits include 10 nails, 1 for each nail size. 

When ordering your nail set after finding your perfect size, if they do not align with our pre-set sizes, select custom and input your nail sizes from thumb to pinky.

It is also normal for nails on each hand to be a different size: 


    • L- 0,4,6,5,9
    • R- 1,5,6,4,8 

Any questions just message us and we will get back to you promptly.


"In love with these lashes! It gives you that look in the mirror of 'yes I am that b****'."

Ruby M.

"The quality of these lashes is incredible. I've worn them over 20 times now and they are still going, 10/10 recommend!"

Lizzie P.